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Pencil Sketches

This is the collection of some of my pencil sketches....plz have a look and i hope you all will like them... plz drop your precious comments..
this sketch was drawn by me during my sem exmz..

"Hrithik Roshan"

"Angel"...thoughtless n fearless

"unfinished business"

a Model frm a cover page of d magazine


Script Monkey said...

nice work, wirehire

amit said...

Well saurabh is a very creative guy, his imagination n way of thinking is awsm. He put life on the paper by his work.

Anand said...
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Anand said...

an artistic guy frm attitude, i appreciate ur artwork or rather hardwork.
keep d gr8 work on n i'll keep d encouraging words on!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing artist really
he can draw ur picture in a few seconds, this is my personal experience. moreover he is a very nice person as well.

vineet said...

these sketches shows ur hardwork during exams..
nice sketches....

Vijay said...

Saurabh is the best artist i have seen till now..he is highly skilled

Sketch Addict said...

thanks for your precious comments..!

With Regards,
Sketch Addict

Uday said...

wow what an imaginary idea of sketches.
let this images of urs be know to the whole world